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Internet of Things
Digital Business Model

The Metaverse is expected to be the next big Internet thing. It will bring entirely new applications for all commercial sectors and it comes with huge business opportunities. Take your chance!

Metaverse Guided Tours

Take a guided tour to get a first impression of the Metaverse. Request your individual tour plan.

Internet of Things
Internet of Things

IoT is already a reality for many people. We talk to voice assistants in our homes. Modern cars are always connected transmitting data to manufacturers, insurance, and the owner´s app. Uptime and utilization of many assets are optimized based on data collection and analysis. Find out how to leverage IoT for your business!

Digital Business Model
Digital Business Models

Digital Transformation is not only about technology. Designing digital business models is equally important. There are powerful tools available to foster creativity and structure thoughts. Start ideating your business model innovation!


Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology provide solutions for many applications. Finding suitable applications from a technical and business perspective requires a thorough understanding of these technologies. Start exploring today!

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What We Do


We support your success with a holistic approach covering technical aspects, digital business models, and the customer and user perspective.


Training can range from a one-day seminar to developing a comprehensive training program, including face-to-face and online modules.


Whether it is a keynote at an event or a presentation at a conference, we tailor the content to your requirements.

Digital Products

We help you with prototypes of proof of concept, and we develop our own digital products.

Who we are

Digital Expertise is a Steinbeis Transfer Center on the platform of the Steinbeis Transfer GmbH.
The Director of Digital Expertise is Prof. Dr. Markus Weinberger

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